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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact Intendia and make the communication flow. For this reason, please complete the information below so that our colleagues can process your request in the most accurate way possible.

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Write us an email indicating the product or service you are interested in, what you expect from the product and what the type of user you are: fleet manager, integrator, distributor, etc. If you prefer to receive a phone call, please indicate it. We always answer first via e-mail expanding information and then, once we understand your needs and having informed you, we will call you. The conversation will be much richer and smoother for both of us.

[Schedule 9-14h CET] The administration and accounting department is available from 9 to 14 hours from Monday to Friday.

[Schedule 9-18h CET]

If you need technical assistance, you can write us an email. Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue you need assistance with. Information of the device, vehicle, protocol, a photo, data capture or any useful information. Even if you feel that a call is faster, please send the information first and a little later call us if you need so. This will make the information accessible and the support will be more agile for everyone.

If your query is regarding installation support, we can assist you continuously, but if you are going to contact outside our schedule, we recommend you to write us in advanced indicating the expected time of the installation. Especially if you plan to install on a weekend or holiday. When you write us, please provide the serial number of the devices (do not use photos – write it down) and make and model of the vehicles. It will help us to be prepared when you call us, we will even have already reviewed the installation. When you call us, you will hear a message, press the # key to access directly to the support agent. If no one can answer you press 9 and, please, leave a voice message with all the information. We will call you back.

We do not accept calls from basic service providers: telephony, water, electricity, gas, fire extinguishers, insurance, etc… Write an email and leave us the information. When we need your services we will contact you.

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